Industrial Sector

The vast experience of Trine’s talented team has splashed its prolific strokes on various industrial constructions in and outskirts of the city. The execution of industrial projects consists of warehouse, factory setups, individual plotting schemes and estate construction. These varied kinds of sectors are well planned, designed and executed by prominent architects.

The industries built by Trine are standing strong with a remarking appearance and technology resistant. The Trine team is well known for its meticulous dedication and determination in every project it executes.


Navneet Publication India Ltd

  • Located at Ghuma worth 2.5 lakhs square feet (approx)
  • Architect – Kamal Mangaldas
  •  Composite Structure (RCC+Steel Structure)

Navneet Publication India Ltd

  • Located at Dantali Village,
  • Auto step Warehouse
  •  Steel Structure with roof


Sri Rama Multitech Limited.

  • Factory at Khatraj

Sri Rama Packaging

  • Factory at Khatraj

Gala Gymkhana

  • Located at Bopal
  • Architect – Kamal Mangaldas

Bungalows & Plotted Scheme

Basant Bahar I – VI

Bungalows & Plotting Scheme

  • Architect – Kamal Mangaldas

Rambaug Bungalows

  • Cluster of individual bungalows

Hue of Human Asset

A palette gives a new life to the blend of colours and as a result, a fresh hue is created by the hint of every shade arranged on that single palette.

Trine’s industry specifies its human pool and gives our every project a new identity. We hire sector of professionals who with their rich streaks of experience and knowledge works collectively towards the achievement of a common goal. We provide training & development on a regular basis in order to be ever equipped with latest working trends & technology.

Technology Tint

A palette is strong, sturdy & dependable in any condition, Irrespective of its base!

Likewise, Trine’s technology infrastructure is strong and dependable in this ever-changing digital era. We sustain a constant verification on the current market trends with respect to the latest technology and engineering concepts that enables us to maintain our working environ advanced.

Our machinery & technology pool has the capacity to execute four lakhs square feet of construction.  Machinery Tech like ‘ACCROSPAN’, ‘PROBS’, all types of material lifts, different types of mixer machines, ‘H’ Frames, Barbending and Cutting machinery etc is used extensively at Trine.

Wheeled by Safety Standards

At Trine, the wheels of strict adherence of global safety standards control our endeavours; we ensure that every employee (both in house & outsourced) follows the prescribed safety standard(s) essential for a secured completion of project execution.



TRINE Projects LLP

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